Midwest Cannactions

How to Order

  • Any special instructions, such as strain selections or drop off locations can be added on the cart or checkout page (Click the cart to access)
  • After completing checkout, a confirmation email/text will be sent
  • A second email/text will be sent once the order is ready for pick up/has been delivered 
  • If you do not receive an email, check the spam folder or contact Digital Distillation directly @ digitaldistillation@gmail.com
  • Orders are filled every 24 hours

Pick ups

  • Contact Midwest Cannactions for access codes
  • Short Video Walkthrough 
  • This serves as the entry point to the property. Please note that the right side (U-Haul Rentals) is designated exclusively for exiting. Proceed towards the back or rear of the property for parking and access to designated areas.
  • At the back of the property is a sheltered area to park. 
  • Underneath the awning are 2 keypads and 2 doors. Please do not park directly in front of the sliding doors.
  • The keypad to the left turns off the alarm. 
  • *The code will need to be typed in every time, otherwise the alarm will sound when the unit latch opens.*
  • During normal business hours, 9-5, this door will open automatically. 
  • If the door does not open automatically, the keypad to the right will open the sliding doors.
  • There is a hallway to the right of the cart return.
  • Proceed to the end of the hallway.
  • It will be the fifth door on the left.
  • The door number is 2076. Enter the first four digits of your property access code on the padlock.
  • The order will contain the locker number, enter your personalized code to unlock your locker.
  • Place payment in the cup
  • Take a snack and enjoy your order!


  • Delivery is labeled as shipping in the checkout process
  • A real address is required to be entered for deliveries
  • Delivery location must be within 20 miles of Midwest Cannactions
  • A delivery location is required to be entered into the special instructions or the order will be left in the mailbox


  • Contact Midwest Cannactions @ midwestcannactions@gmail.com
Cryptocurrency available for payment