Midwest Cannactions

Life Cycle of Cannabis

Closeup of a seed


Peat pellet used for cloning/seed germination


Expanded peat pellet with clone stuck inside


A cutting that has been cloned successfully and has roots sticking out of the peat pellet


A plant that is in the vegetative stage of growth


A plant that is in the flowering stage and has been flowering for 4 weeks. Depending on environmental conditions (moisture content of the soil, temperature, humidity, daylight hours, light intensity) this plant will be harvested in 4-5 weeks.


Closeup of a "bud" and finished "buds" on the stem. The white hairs are called stigmas and are female reproductive organs. When male cannabis pollen lands on a stigma it will pollinate the stigma and the pollinated "buds" will produce seeds. With age (time during growth) the stigmas will turn from white to orange, red, or pink. When the stigma changes color it can no longer be pollinated. The visible small leaves are known as sugar leaves.